What you need to know about the BPU & ABPU British at Bodypower! MUST READ!

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Alright - so you are now almost 2 weeks out from Bodypower. Tensions start running a bit high and there are things you are not 100% of - this blog is to go through what is going to happen when and how and is a MUST READ!! Anyone asking questions that on this blog will get harassed when they come out to lift!! 

  1. I ordered tickets for other people and I am about to PM you to ask where they are! Answer: DONT!! The tickets dont have anything to do with us! When you ordered them when you were doing your entry - you will have been putin the system to receive them and they were sent to you by "Eticket", NOT in the post. If you havnt recieved them them FIRST check your spam, if not there then contact Bodypower directly please. If you are about to ask about your own ticket - see below! 
  2. WHEN do I get MY ticket! Answer: This is about your own tickets for the day you are competing. Then you weigh in you will be give YOUR own tick for the day you are competing - IE 24 hour weigh ins, you will be given your own ticket which is valid ONLY for the day you lift IE the next day. 
  3. How do I know where the weigh in area is? Answer: It is at the athlete entrance. You will go there, fill in a weigh in form and then take it with you into the weigh in cubicle. PLEASE do not ask any questions when you are being weighed - we have 100+ people waiting to be weighed. BE QUICK! If you have ordered a Tshirt then you ask for it and you will be given it at weigh in. They will not be given at any other time. 
  4. What happens on the day? Answer: You can enter at 8am through the athletes entrance. When you did your entry, there was a section you have to fill in about additional tickets for your coach, you had to email and declare ir so your coach could accompany you in at that early time. If you didnt do that then you will need to that NOW - do not contact us about it - please contact Bodypower directly as we dont have anything to do with tickets. Morning ON THE DAY weigh ins are only from 7.30am to 8am, you will get your ticket for the day you compete (obviously) then. 
  5. Where is the cheapest car parking?? Answer: I have put links and information on the event page on Facebook - you dont need Facebook to see this. 
  6. Im not sure of the rules, is my kit legal? Answer: There is a downloadable WPC rule book on the web site - READ IT! You have made it through the qualifiers and are now a fully fledged powerlifter - there is no excuse for not knowing the rules! with regards to kit - a few things that have happened recently - check your belt ffs! I have seen too many illegal belts arriving that are neoprene etc and also the weider belts with padding in the back. These are not permissible! Also - remember no zips on singlets, remember your knee socks for deadlift, no supporting briefs of any kind under your single for classic or raw, DO wear a tshirt on the squat and bench as well. 
  7. How many platforms? Answer: 2!  If this is your first event with 2 platforms dont panic. The flights will be published on facebook and will be up around the warmup area. We can give an "approximate" time for the flights to start but in all honesty until we get everyone weighed in which includes the one the day liffters, we CANNOT give you 100% assurity what time your flight will start. That will not be known until the morning. However - for the first flight, we will absolutely stick to that as you guys need to be warming up from 8am. Make sure you identify which platform is which and WHERE YOU WILL BE ! That information you will know the day before. There will be one monitor per platform in the warm up area you can watch the lifter data scroll through and see how many lifters are before you. you will also see at each side of the warm up area is a walk way to the lifting platform, you will NOT be permitted to go down there until you are called on platform. 
  8. How long do I have after bar loaded is called and how long do I have before I put my next attempt in? Answer: With the amount of lifters going through, no one will be given any dispensation if they are timed out. You have one minute to begin the lift from "bar loaded" if you are timed out, then it is a no lift. Once completed, successfully of course, - you then have one minute to get your next attempt in. If you do not - your next attempt will be a no lift. 
  9. Refereeing, tell me about it? Answer: I have already in my earlier blog - go and read it. http://www.britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk/president-blog-april-2018-nationals-and-reffing/
  10. I have loads of questions - can I ask on the day? ANSWER: Of course we are always happy to help, however we do have over 400 lifters in 3 days going through so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE RULE BOOK! Prepare yourself and do your homework BEFORE you arrive, email our technical officer Darren about any technical stuff you need reassurance on or ask on the Facebook pages for advice or answers. 
  11. WARM UP AREA: Please be aware only one coach can come with you into the area. We will have a lot of people there so please be respectful of this. Warm up weights there will be a lot of - DONT BE TWAT and refuse to work in and bugger off with all the weight, share, work in, spot who is warming up on similar weights, dont expect everyone else to load your bar and most of all give yourself PLENTY of time to warm up - an hour at least. The warm up is probably the most stressful thing of an entire competition - well it is for me! 
  12. CAN I PM YOU? NO. Dont PM me, as the nationals get closer my work load is going to triple and PMs will get lost and I also wont have time to answer them. Once the competition is running I wont be answering anyone at all and that goes for all our officials. Take some initiative and read the web site, post on the FB pages, many of our lifters know us well and are experienced so they will help you and we will as well as far as time allows. 
  13. Can I use talc for deadlift? Answer: Effectively no. We will put a small area down where you can use light talc but the safety of the other lifters is on you when you drag talc onto the platform and are followed by a sumo lifter. Talc is horrendous to get off anything and leaves the platform slippy as hell - do you want the previous lifter to leave talc on the platform for you? 
  14. When can I get the tshirt I ordered? At your weigh in - NOT AT ANY OTHER TIME! Please read the notes when you order! 
  15. Is this a qualifier for the Euros? Yes it is - but you will need to email me immediately if you want to go and have not qualified so far. You will have 5 days to email me and get your entry in to me after the British
  16. Can I dump the bar? NO - you will be banned. completely and utterly forever. 

I think that is about it!! It looks like a long list of do's and dont's but it will be useful on the day. Of course we are always there to help, especially if you are in trouble or need help. There are lots of wonderful people around, most arent that jovial on comp day so daont take offence and dont take offense if I had walk away, run off, blank you by accident as im trying to get through a load of people to get something done - on comp days I probably seem like a twat and serious, but to me trying to make sure everyone gets the best lifts in they can is a serious business!! The only time you will see me smiling is at other people's competitions and internationals (when Im not lifting)! 

Anyway - my lovelies, I wish you every success and thank you for wishing to lift with us. We are all grateful for your presence and the effort you have made to get here. Never forget, we all still compete so we do "get it" even if it seems like we dont. Good luck, go well and see you on platform. 

Much love

Emma Ylitalo-James

President BPU & ABPU