Upcoming Competitions


Below is a list of all current upcoming 2019 BPU and ABPU, WPC and AWPC events - keep checking back for regular updates:

Please note you can get additional information about the international competitions from the World Powerlifting Congress Web site which list both the WPC and AWPC International competition:

How to qualify for what: 

British Championships BPU and ABPU - There are 2 ways. 1) you must compete in a qualifiers for that same years national championships and hit the qualifying total which is ON THIS WEBS SITE 2) Be the winner of the British Championships or World Champion from the previous year and defend your title. 

European Championships WPC and AWPC - there are 3 ways 1) you must compete in a qualifiers for that same years European championships and hit the qualifying total which is ON THIS WEBS SITE 2) Be the winner of he European Championships  from the previous year and defend your title. 3) Be a reigning World Champion from 2017 and this gives oyu the right to compete, for the year, where you want. PLEASE NOTE: You can also qualify THIS YEAR ONLY at the British 2018 for the Europeans 2018 as the British is BEFORE the Europeans this year, by hitting the qualifying total. 

World Championships WPC and AWPC: There are 2 ways ONLY. 1) Be invited by coming top 2 in your class at the British Championships BPU and ABPU. By being the reigning world champion and defending your title. That is IT! No exception - No "I won the British in 1853, do I get an invite to the Europeans" - The above are your only avenues!  

PLEASE REMEMBER!! You MUST have a BPU or ABPU membership number BEFORE you can enter any of our competition (apart from the Andy Bolton Deadlift Challenge but please read the exceptions). If you do not - your entry will be void and non-refundable. No refunds are offered on any entry - you also cannot switch competitions with the same entry payment. Sorry. 

MEDALS & TROPHIES! Please remember that is you leave early before the medals ceremony, we can make arrangements for you to pop into one of the competitions and pick it up, we will not post out your medal or trophy. If you have to leave early then you need to be aware what position you came. Please speak to us on a break and we will give you our medal - if you ask us what position you came before the end of the competition during a flight, we would have to stop the entire competition to look at your flight and see your placing which I am am sure you wouldnt want anyone else doing to you. We completely understand about times and needing to dash off, but please be considerate if you do. 


When you send your entry in by email you WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATED REPLY which IS YOUR CONFIRMATION YOU ARE ENTERED. You need to check your spam as well in case it goes there. You will only get this confirmation - no others, so if you didnt receive it then you need to email to CHECK IT HAS BEEN RECEIVED as we have had occasions where people have sent the entry to the wrong email address or gone astray. 


QUICK GLANCE LIST (the full details are below)

Southern Qualifiers: 30 & 31 March Saturday Spaces - Sunday FULL

BPU and ABPU British Championships 2019: 10, 11, 12 May

A/WPC European Championships 2019: 10-16 June, Limerick, Ireland 

AWPC World Championships: 16-18 August, Orlando USA 

WPC World Championships: 6-10 November 






Southern Qualifiers 2019 - the LAST QUALIFIER - NOW FULL

When? Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 

Where? Bridge Road Barbell Club, Unit 2 Bridge Trading Estate
Bridge Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU152QR

Maximum number per day: 35 

Start time both days: 10am 

The Split: 

Saturday : All women’s classes, all men’s teens and juniors  (all categories and weight classes) AND men’s open and masters up to and including 75kg

Sunday : all men open and masters from 82.5kg and upwards

WEIGH INS: At the venue

24 hour: 10-11am and 5-6pm

On the day: 8-9am 

Phil Horwood and the team will be hosting this competition with Emma and Kalle Promoting. It is with our pleasure to introduce this new venue and host who has all the enthusiasm and experience to host an outstanding competition AND with absolute lifter focus. This is also a great opportunity for those who are equipped to lift with a team of experienced equipped lifters behind them so get your kit on! As always, new lifters are welcome and it will be a safe and supportive environment which also includes the old crusties battling it out for qualification for the British and Euros. 

This is a big year with many qualifiers running through to April 2019 and as you know all our qualifiers sell our sometimes within 24 hours. Therefore, entries close when we are FULL. 

You can claim British records only at this qualifier but we will have best lifter awards and a best of the best! This will be a qualifier for the BPU/ABPU British Championships at BODYPOWER, the ONLY was you can get to the WPC Worlds in Finland in November 2019 and the AWPC World Championships in August 2019 in ORLANDO FLORIDA!! It is also a quallifier for the AWPC/WPC European Championships in Limerick, Ireland in June 2019. 

Please remember a few things - your entry form and payment MUST be done at the same time, you MUST complete ALL the information on the form, if you dont have your membership number yet then we have a special offer starting shortly - take membership when the entry form goes live and you get 2019 included. You MUST however, email your membership number as SOON AS you receive it (the details of this are on the form) as if you have no membership, your entry will be void and there will be no refund. If you have applied for membership then you put the date you applied on the form (we will check it). 

Your Entry Form is HERE>  Southern 2019 Entry Form

Your Facebook Event Page is here:


Is your membership up to date? Remember - you cannot enter any of our competitions without a current membership for that year. If you need membership then your links to membership payments are here: 




British Championships 2019 - Qualification for AWPC and WPC World Championships 

When? 10, 11, 12 May 2019 

Host: Bodypower 

Promoters: Bodypower, BPU, Emma and Kalle Ylitalo-James

Where? Bodypower Expo, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham 

Start time: 9am each day

What is the split? 

Friday 10th:  ALL Master Men, Open men up to and including -90kg weight class

Saturday 11th: ALL Junior and teen men, Open men -100kg and upwards

Sunday 12th: All women

Facebook Event Page:

The cut off dates for putting in your entry to the British Championships are the following: PLEASE NOTE we have changed some of the closing dates and extended them slightly:
south Wales Qualifiers
Macclesfield Qualifiers
Entries NOW CLOSED for the British. NO exceptions.
Current 2018 British Championships and World Champions:
CUT OFF DATE: 25 Feb 2019
North east Qualifiers
Manchester Qualifiers
Christmas competition and Qualifier
CUT OFF DATE: 25 Feb 2019
Alan Collins Cup & Qualifiers
Midlands and South Yorkshire Qualifiers
South West Qualifiers
CUT OFF DATE: 1st April
North Wales Qualifiers
Southern Qualifiers
CUT OFF DATE: 29 April
All registration will be taken off line for each batch of qualifiers. The final batch closing on the 29th April will result in the entire registration system being taken off and no one including us will be able to take entries at all. If you miss the deadlines there will be nothing anyone can do about it and you will have missed the boat, we do not want this to happen!

If you havnt had your invitation and SHOULD HAVE you need to email please!


The competition Tshirt has been unleashed! Cut off date for order: 23/4/19








These are in Unisex and womens cuts. The sizing is as follows: 


Fruit of the Loom

Fabric    100% Cotton*

T-shirt Colour - black

Weight 165g/m² (160g/m² White)

Size                      S         M         L          XL         2XL         3XL      4XL        5XL        

Chest (ins)       35-37  38-40   41-43   44-46     47-49     50-52     53-55     56-58   

  Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


                            XS               S              M            L              XL           XXL

Ladies size          8              10             12           14           16              18

Chest (inches)   30             32             34           36           38             40

Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


PAYPAL: £12.61 (61p is the paypal charge) =  Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


UNISEX British Championships Tshirt 2019

Cut off date for order: 23/4/19



WOMENS CUT British Championships Tshirt

Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


If you prefer to order and send payment by bank transfer, you will SAVE 61p per shirt! However - its a wee bit more complicated. On the transfer please put your name CLEARLY. Then email with "BRITS 19 KIT ORDER" in the title - then the name the payment was under. then give me the sizes you have paid for and lastly the name of the person picking the order up. 

The bank transfer is to: 


Acc No: 6 8 9 3 7 0 8 3

Sort Code: 5 0 - 4 2 - 3 7

Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


Pullum Sport who has been a long time friend to the federation - hence why they are on the back of the T's, will be distributing the Tshirt orders for us (thank feck!) They will be open from 8am each day and you need to go to the stand which will be close to us, with a print out of your order (either the email you sent to me or the paypal receipt with the order name and pick up name on) and present it to them. They will then give you the order. They will have a direct copy of what you send us - including the paypal print out - so any mistakes in orders will be your own.... just saying.....! 

There is NO OTHER OPTION FOR PICK UP! We are doing it so it saves you money on postage with the least amount of hassle for you.  

Cut off date for order: 23/4/19


AWPC & WPC European Championships 

When? 10th to 16 June 2019 

Host: IPO

Promoter: Shane Brodie 

Where? Limerick, Ireland (venue to be confirmed)


How do I qualify? It is INVITATION ONLY. If you are a 2018 AWPC or WPC European Champion then you automatically qualify. If you are an AWPC or WPC current World Champion then you qualify. If not then all you have to do is to compete at one of our qualifiers for 2019 starting in August 2018 and hit the qualifying total which is listed on the web site. You CANNOT get to the European Championships ANY OTHER WAY. Sorry. 

This is completely epic! For the second year ONLY the AWPC and WPC European Championships will be run side by side in Ireland under Mr Shane Brodie and his very outstanding team in Limerick. This is the team that has brought you the international famed competition the Irish Pro Invitational. 

Lifting PRELIMINARY Schedule as follows - pleader remember THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE CLOSER TO THE TIME: ALSO-  it is possible lifting may start on Monday 10th if needed!


WPC AWPC European Powerlifting Benchpress & Deadlift Championships 2019

Raw - Classic Raw - Single ply - Multiply

AWPC Lifting Schedule

Monday 10th = Start of Weighins for Tuesday lifters.

Tuesday 11th = Powerlifting Raw, all male & female.

Wednesday 12th = Powerlifting Classic Raw male & female + EQ, all male & female

Thursday 13th = Single-lifts Benchpress + Deadlift, all male & female

WPC Lifting Schedule

Friday 14th = Powerlifting Raw, all male & female.

Saturday 15th = Powerlifting Classic Raw, EQ all male & female.

Sunday 16th = Single-lifts Benchpress + Deadlift, all male & female

Weigh in times are: 

Daily 9am - 10.30

Daily 4pm - 5.30pm

Under no circumstances will any lifter be allowed weigh-in on the day lift. This is strictly prohibited under the international rules.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only qualify to compete for the GB Team through the BPU and ABPU Qualifying route. Only current World and European Champions have the right to compete automatically, all others are invitation only through qualifying procedures. 



WHEN!? 16-18 August 2019 

WHERE??! B Resort & Spa, 1905 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

HOW? By placing top 3 at the 2019 British Nationals OR already being 2018 AWPC World Champion. This is by invitation ONLY from the ABPU. 

This is the venue that the WPC World Championships were held in 2018. It is truly wonderful! The venue is really close to all the attractions of Orlando and there is plenty of accommodation in the area. The venue itself they have a special rate of $129 per night which is inclusive of resort fee - it is a really high class establishment and HUGE! Mention APF American Powerlifting Federation /AWPC World Championships to receive discount.
Rate is good for 3 days prior/after the event.

The entry fee will be the usual $100 which is the same rate all the US comps are at and the closing date for entries to be sent back to me to send the team to the US will be 28 June 2019. 

More details to come. 



When? 6-10 November 2019 

Where? Lahti/Helsinki, Finland. 

HOW? By placing top 3 at the 2019 British Nationals OR already being 2018 AWPC World Champion. This is by invitation ONLY from the BPU. We will take ABPU members IF there is a space in any of the classes - this will only be offered out once the closing date has passed with the lower than 3rd place being offered a place until it is established if there are any places free. BPU members get first refusal - it will be then be offered to ABPU members in ascending order of placing at the British Nationals 2019. 

More details to come 



When? End of November early December

Where? Pendulum Hotel, Manchester

What? This will be an international sanction WPC and AWPC competition open to all GB and International competitors of the WPC and AWPC. 

We are working out the details so more to come............