BPU Latest News

  • In the next 2 weeks the people whp placed top 3 at the A/BPU Nationals will receive their invitations. Who will represent GB at the Worlds?
  • 3 PLATFORMS the FIRST in the UK!
    We did it and we didnt die! 
    We will be at Bodypower again for 2020 British Nationals
  • Yes - we won it 2 years running! Keep you eye on the competition page for the first qualifiers



  • The Brits are on the move! We have 140 GB competitors at the A/WPC European Championships 2019

  • Do you want to go to a AWPC or WPC World Cup or international that isnt a Euros or Worlds? If you want to go to an international listed then simply email emma@britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk and she will advise if you need us to send your entry in or you do! How do you find out?? Then LOOK on the WPC web site: http://worldpowerliftingcongress.com/meet-calendar/
  • Thats right!! The ABPU and BPU National Championships is BACK AT BODYBODYPOWER for 2019, this time with 4 PLATFORM!!! The battle is on for your place at the AWPC or WPC Worlds!! You need to have qualified at one of our qualifying competitions..................
    See here for details: Competitions
  • Hell yes!!! The AWPC and WPC European Championships are being run TOGETHER for the first time in history in a few weeks. In 2019, they are doing it again in IRELAND! Get ready to qualify as one of our GB team members!!
  • The WPC World Championships team is finally home after a fantastic World Championships in Florida! Well done TEAM GB!!!

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