BPU Latest News

  • GB is hosting the WPC European Championships - the web site is now UP!
  • After a vote by the country heads of the WPC, it has been confirmed the RAW with knee wraps class will now be at international level as well as national level. 
    The first WPC even where this will be included will be the WPC European Championships 2016 in the UK!!! GET QUALIFYING NOW!

  • All the results are up for 2016!
    All results are up on the web site now for everything to the South West Qualifiers



  • Yes! We have spent all the money on 2 NEW monolifts, 2 new competition benches
    and 6 new bars! not to mention new monitors for the warm up area! 


  • Due to all the qualifiers being full, our members took a vote if they wanted another qualifier and where it should be....
    so they voted for Manchester! Keep looking for the details........ to be updated shortly

  • We have run 6 qualifiers so far and 3 more to go............ what will you do ? 
  • The RAW section for Bodypower is full.......
    We still have a few places in the Superflight, the equipped section and the 1st timers on Sunday
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  • Remember - you need to have your membership up to date to take your place at the WPC Europeans and 
    BPU/ABPU British Championships........

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  • the Christmas Gala for this year has been announced!!!
    Mark Bentley at the Train Station Gym in Glastonbury will be hosting the BPU/ABPU Charistmas Competition and Gala. 
    this year there will a "dress to press" for the ladies and a "Powerlifting Bodybuilding" competition for the boys and couples
    with judging on the criteria of best powerlifting physique - as in NO ABS! This is for charity so get your entries in!

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