BPU Latest News

  • The WPC European Championships has been set for FINLAND in June 2017!
  • As so many could not afford to go to the WPC Worlds this year.......... we are hosting a small international in January in the UK.....
    more to come.....

  • Yes!! Thats right! The Christmas bench press competition in Glastonbury will now have one additional section! 
    First time competing in a bench shirt! this is to encourage you to get that shirt on and try it out with us!



  • The team closing dates for the WPC World Championships are nearly here....
    Have you qualified and got your entry in??

  • Thats right!! We have now taken the WRPF license for the UK and will be incorporating it by the British Championships!
  • This year your British Championships entry form is a little different. You can download it NOW on the competitions page! 
  • The Bodypower Expo is over!! The most prolific event of the year is over!! The biggest and best Expo in the UK hosting Britain, Europe and the USA top talent is finally over! See the results! 


  • Yes thats right! the WPC World Championships have been moved to Russia now from the 1st to 5th November 2017. Its going to be a massive battle - guaranteed to be over 1300 lifters there, and we are ready to fight!!

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