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  • The WPC European Championships has been set for FINLAND in June 2017!
  • As so many could not afford to go to the WPC Worlds this year.......... we are hosting a small international in January in the UK.....
    more to come.....

  • Yes!! Thats right! The Christmas bench press competition in Glastonbury will now have one additional section! 
    First time competing in a bench shirt! this is to encourage you to get that shirt on and try it out with us!



  • The team closing dates for the WPC World Championships are nearly here....
    Have you qualified and got your entry in??

  • HERE WE GO AGAIN! The start of the qualifiers for 2017 start this October! To take your place at the WPC and AWPC European Championships and World Championships AND BPU/ABPU British to need to qualify! 
    To see the qualifiers we already have arranged see the competition page......
  • From the 1st October we will be offering our 2017 membership to you which includes 3 months FREE! so instead of your membership running Jan 17 to Dec 17 - if you take it out in October then you get it right through to Dec 2017!!!!!
  • Remember - you need to have your membership up to date to take your place at the AWPC WPC Europeans and 
    BPU/ABPU British Championships........ see the special memberhsip deal above......

    posted in Membership

  • the Christmas Gala for this year has been announced!!!
    Mark Bentley at the Train Station Gym in Glastonbury will be hosting the BPU/ABPU Charistmas Competition and Gala. 
    this year there will a "dress to press" for the ladies and a "Powerlifting Bodybuilding" competition for the boys and couples
    with judging on the criteria of best powerlifting physique - as in NO ABS! This is for charity so get your entries in!

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